5. self-note Feb 8 - single present to the...

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- The maturing of archaeology o [David he provides ]Systematic fieldwork and chronological framework o 1960 awareness of rules and rigor of scientific methodology o 1980 awareness of self as the author among many authors of the past who reside in a situated present - Today: many archaeologies o What do archaeologists really want? and why are there today many archaeologies? [because today it is easier to be a archaeologist.] o Why should archaeology b sensitive to the public, present their results to many audiences and be aware of and responsible to their (many) publics? (who are those publics, anyway) o Whose past is represented and how and by whom? – [is it present it as multi media or
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Unformatted text preview: single present to the public]-Archeologist are just one group interested in heritage places. Who else has a stake in the past? o Just to mention some Ethnic groups Small or big nations Religious groups Collectors of antiquities Museum Land developer Farmers-The ethical principles of teaching and practicing archaeology(SAA) o Educating archaeology Stewardship Diverse interest Social relevance Professional ethics and values Communication Basic archaeological skills Real-world problem solving-...
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5. self-note Feb 8 - single present to the...

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