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Guidelines – Read this Page! Use this template file as the basis for your ENGR-101 Module 1 final report. It lists and explains several required sections, but other sections can be added as appropriate. Please review these guidelines and template carefully. Grading guidelines Grades will be derived from the following components: Technical content – The report must contain all required technical content (experimental data, graphs, figures, tables) related to the weekly experiments. Experimental data must be properly formatted (correct use of significant figures, proper graph labeling, etc). Any data that is included in the report must also be explained and interpreted in the body of the document. Grammar – All reports should be proof-read for grammar and spelling. Scholarly writing is much different that other forms of writing that you may be more accustom to. The language used in scholarly and technical writing is usually very precise and succinct. Writing should be in 3 rd person (e.g.: “The group found ….” Instead of “We found …”. Avoid verbose explanations and vague statements. Spelling – There should be NO spelling errors in your report. This is easy to achieve if more than one person reads through the document. It is very difficult to proof-read your own work. Often you miss your own errors and that is why you should have at least 2 people proof-read a document. Structure – Use single space in your text and number your pages. The provided template below is designed to provide proper structure to your report. When preparing and reading through your report, think about the
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report_template - Guidelines Read this Page! Use this...

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