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COM 155 Final Assignment Week 9 draft 1

COM 155 Final Assignment Week 9 draft 1 - pretty well on...

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COM / 155 Kayla J. Sutton August 7, 2011 8:55pm EST COM 155 Final Assignment Week 9 The two paragraphs that I had read were pertaining to credit and debt. The first one was about credit cards, outstanding debt, reasons for individuals obtaining denied credit. The second paragraph was about individuals credit score whether the score is good or bad. The second paragraph has information pertaining to the payment history on accounts how credit scores are calculated. The sentence wording and grammar for the two sentences were easy to understand but in a way difficult, there were a large amount of run on sentences. The sentences were easy to interpret and easy it get what the authors were trying to accomplish telling us in these two sentences. The result of the write point essay editor was in a way hard to understand, although easy to interpret. I was able to correct the paragraph before this one with the proper corrections that the essay editor had described to me. Before I used write point on that essay I thought that I did
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Unformatted text preview: pretty well on the paragraph. Although write point definitely made me aware of the different mistakes that I had made. Without turning in my essay to write point then I know that I wouldn’t of been able to correct my mistakes that I had made in the paragraph above this one. My strategy for using write point in the future is basically the same as I used this time around using write point. I have and will continue to write paragraphs and such for school work and submit them into write point before turning them in to my teachers. There for I will get a better grade on the paper than I would if I turned it in without using write point first. I now and have always thought that using write point first before turning in my assignments is better than not turning them in without using it because even though you think that you are using all the proper grammar requirements everyone makes a mistake every once in a while....
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