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Unformatted text preview: Title: Authors: Source: Document Type: Subject Terms: Company/Entity: Abstract: Full Text Word Count: ISSN: Accession Number: Database: Record: 1 GOOGLE VERSUS FACEBOOK. BEER, JEFF Canadian Business; 8/16/2011, Vol. 84 Issue 14, p19-21, 3p Article *INTERNET advertising *RIGHT of privacy ONLINE social networks GOOGLE Inc. Ticker: GOOG FACEBOOK Inc. The article discusses the potential of the social networking Web site Google Plus to take the dominant position of Facebook. Some features of Google Plus include the ability to customize status updates, a video-chat function and a searchable newsfeed. The author notes that Google Plus will gain an edge over Facebook if it will be able to bring the social web back to open web as Facebook has created the so-called walled garden. Also discussed are online advertising and privacy issues. 1892 00083100 65053165 Business Source Premier GOOGLE VERSUS FACEBOOK BRIEFING OPEN OR CLOSED? The fght over standards on the social web On June 28, Google's senior vice-president of engineering Vic Gundotra introduced his company's latest social networking platform project Google Plus, which within four weeks became the fastest social site to reach 25 million users. That same day, News Corp. nalized the deal that would make ofcial MySpace's dramatic fall from a social media powerhouse- acquired by Rupert Murdoch & Co. for $580 million in July 2005to an outcast unloaded for the bargain-basement price of $35 million. On one day, two major social networking projects pass each other in opposite directions. One, the former champ, is like an aging boxer heaving himself into that last cash-grab ght. The other, just entering the ring, is already hailed as the next Great Web Hope. It's a cautionary tale on the ckle fortunes of social media, but also a reminder of the size of the stakes. The unveiling of Google Plus has been overwhelmingly framed as a direct challenge to EBSCOhost Discovery Service http://ehis.ebscohost.com/eds/delivery?sid=994fbabd-859f-46c... 1 of 5 9/27/11 5:31 PM Facebook, a struggle for a share of its 750 million users and almost $2 billion in annual advertising revenue. Google Plus has been described as taking the best aspects of both Facebook and Twitter and wrapping it in a cleaner interface with better privacy controls. The biggest innovation are its "Circles," which allow users to tailor status updates and information to a varied group of contacts such as friends, co-workers and family. As Google sees it, you'd probably describe last night's party one way to your best friend, another to your cubicle mate, and have yet another version for your mom, and a social network should accommodate that. Another feature is "Hangouts," a video-chat function with up to 10 people, and a searchable newsfeed called "Sparks." These are all cool and useful social tools that could help Google Plus establish itself as a major force in social networking, but perhaps that's not really the point. Just as Android really isn't about the phones, this isn't about how many Facebook users Google Plus can poach, but...
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facebook_privacy_3 - Title: Authors: Source: Document Type:...

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