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Click to Print Facebook Ads: Success Secrets From a Facebook Insider With Facebook Ads, you can target users based on interests, location and relationships. Posted by Elsa Wenzel | September 30, 2010 URL: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217367 Many people log on to Facebook primarily for fun, but businesses are increasingly turning to the social networking site as an advertising gold mine. By placing ads on Facebook, you can zero in on a select portion of some half a billion users according to their interests and demographics. Facebook advertising involves different considerations than other online ad platforms do. Google AdWords , for one, matches keywords on the pages of Google search results, whereas Facebook Ads can match specifics in a user profile. Rather than tailoring ad content to concepts or things, such as digital cameras, think of Facebook as targeting people, such as the users of digital cameras, says Tim Kendall, director of monetization for Facebook. How exactly should you go about that? Kendall shared with us his inside perspective on how a small business can get the most out of Facebook Ads. Here are his tips. 1. Make the most of your Facebook page. Before you even think about Facebook Ads, Kendall recommends building a Facebook presence by launching a page for your business there. The Facebook Help Center takes you through the process. To start, learn what separates a business page from that of a casual, individual user. With a business account, you can't view other users' profiles, add friends, or interact with individuals the way an individual Facebook user can. Even so, the two types of pages have many similarities, such as the capability to post updates. Visitors can become fans of your company and "Like" what you post. You can tweak the page to your preferences, too, first by listing it in a specific category and then by dividing content on your Facebook page among tabs. Facebook shows you precise metrics about how well the content on your page is doing, and it assigns a score to that end. 2. Create a username for your page. Once you have at least 25 people connected to your page, Kendall says, you should reserve a specific username for your Facebook URL (which appears as facebook.com/username). This setup makes it easier for visitors to find and remember your Facebook destination. For a small venture, a Facebook page could be a faster, less expensive alternative to designing an entire website with a custom domain name, or it can complement your existing web and social media presence elsewhere. 3. Remember to have a two-way conversation.
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facebook_privacy_7 - Facebook Ads Success Secrets From a...

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