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Service center (exercise) – individual work. You are expected to prepare 1or 2 page long paper (app.500 words). You may choose the form you find the most suitable – be it bullet points or an essay. You don’t need to send it via e- mail. This assignment will be collected at the beginning of Meeting 2 (according to the course agenda). A manager has taken over a failing service center. He commissions research to find out why customers think that service is poor. During 3 weeks of observations, the center delivered 872 services to customers and 212 customers were dissatisfied. He gets the following comments back from the customers: 1. Phones are only answered after many rings. 2. Staff seem distracted and under pressure. 3. Engineers do not appear to be well organized. They need second visits to bring extra parts. This means that customers have to take more holiday to be there a second time. 4.
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