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Sex Offenders and the Internet

Sex Offenders and the Internet - become a tool for sex...

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Sex Offenders and the Internet There are numerous types of computer crimes committed every hour of the day. There are some that are considered less severe and those that are considered extremely ruthless crimes (e.g. identity theft, sexual harassment, bullying, sex offenders etc.). The topic of choice for the current project is that of sex offenders and the Internet. I have chosen this topic particularly because of the many cases that are reported everyday in the United States, and as a result it is imperative that we discover different methods to stop sex offenders from hurting innocent children and women. This paper will discuss four topics that will attempt to discover the reasons why and how sex offender commit these sex crimes and to investigate ways to think a step ahead of the sex offender to prevent these crimes. Although the Internet is a crucial tool for our every day living, it has also
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Unformatted text preview: become a tool for sex offenders, making it easier to find their victims. This paper will show how the Internet makes children and women more prone to becoming a victim of a sex crime. Then I will explain how offenders leave digital evidence that help law enforcement agencies prevent crime, capture offenders, and then convict offenders. Lastly, we will examine a correctional facility that houses sex offenders to determine if these correctional facilities increase or decrease sex offender crime rates. Overall, the topics of discussion that will be elaborated upon are: Trafficking of minors in other countries and in the U.S., which agencies are there to prevent sex offenders’ crimes, how the Internet makes it easier for sex offenders to find victims, Jimmy Rice GEO Correctional Facility, and straegey to prevent or decrease these computer crimes....
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