MEND PROGRAM - M.E.N.D which stands for meet each need with...

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M.E.N.D., which stands for meet each need with dignity, is a non-profit organization that started in the early 1970s to help the impoverished families of the San Fernando Valley. It’s goal was to transform the lives of the poor children and their struggling families who lived in that area. Starting as a small group of volunteers working from a garage, MEND has grown primarily by word-of-mouth into one of the largest and most efficient operating non-profit organizations in existence. Their mission, as a volunteer-driven organization, is to provide services that meet the basic human needs of individuals through various programs, including those for special needs. “Mend serves as many as 31,000 individuals per month while keeping operating costs under only 9%.” This staggering statistic shows just how important M.E.N.D. is in the San Fernando Valley community. So it’s no surprise that M.E.N.D.’s mission is to treat its clients with “dignity and respect”. Each month, more than 9,300 hours are donated by volunteers from a broad range of backgrounds and income levels; all joining together to act as people helping people. Each person plays an important role in meeting the mission of MEND. From the distribution of food, clothing to assistance in job training and placement, these volunteers give M.E.N.D. life. Today, M.E.N.D. has more than 3,200 volunteers (and only 23 paid staffers) to implement its many programs that provide food and clothing; medical, dental and vision care; literacy, computers, office skills and sewing; math, reading and science tutoring for kids; hot meals, food, and clothing and showers for the homeless. These resources not only help to cheer up those in need but also prevent those who are having a rough time from living a life of poverty. Aside from providing the essentials to those who have none, M.E.N.D. also makes an effort to provide youth
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MEND PROGRAM - M.E.N.D which stands for meet each need with...

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