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Independent Analysis Report Applied Managerial Statistics (GM533) I. The executive summary A. Describe the most important facts and conclusions. B. One paragraph, no more! II. The introduction A. Several paragraphs. B. Contents 1.Background on the problem. 2.Questions of interest, problem statement, and/or hypotheses. 3.The nature of the data set - describe your sample. III. Analysis and methods section A. Interpret the statistical summaries 1.Tell the reader what you found in the data (results, facts only).
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Unformatted text preview: 2.Explain what those findings mean with regard to the problem (interpret results). B. Design - describe the most important aspects of how the data was collected. IV. Conclusions and summary section. A. What has the analysis revealed? B. Why was the analysis done? (Refers back to your background.) C. What of value was discovered? (Any unexpected results.) D. How have your questions been answered? (Refers back to questions of interest, problem statement, and/or hypotheses V. References VI. Appendix...
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