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Life Styles Inventory GM 591 Leadership and Organization Behavioral Personal Thinking Style Primary and Backup Thinking Styles My primary (highest percentile score) personal thinking style is the “ Conventional Style “and my backup (second highest percentile) personal thinking styles as shown in circumflex is the “Avoidance and Achievement” at the same percentile. “The Conventional style represents a preoccupation with adhering to rules and established procedures, maintaining a low profile, and "blending in" with our particular environment to avoid calling attention to ourselves.” My results indicated that I probably see rules as more important than ideas, also that I may have difficulty taking even small risks. I can completely agree with the statement when it comes to my work. I have been working for the past ten years for the same company and they are very strict on rules and regulations. In those ten years I worked with different managers that enabled me to give my input on things and I was able to make some changes that would make our work easier, however with my current manager that has not been the case. He is a very conservative superior and on occasions where I have tried to make some changes it would backfire on me, so therefore I would rather work by his rules and keep things going smooth. Also when it comes to my life outside of work I would say that I am not a big risk taking person because I am afraid what the change my bring. It could be better, but there is still the chance that it could be worse. I would also say that I am not a “typical conventional “person because outside of my current job and working with my current manager I am not reluctant to try new things, uncomfortable varying your daily routine. I also do not have a fear being asked your opinion, and I do speak my mind. I do pride myself on my ability to do exactly what is expected, and I always have questions about any new rules, and most important I am only sometimes concerned with how others do things because of the culture that I come from. “Avoidance scale measures our tendency to use the defensive strategy of withdrawal .” My results on this style indicated that I may be overly hard on myself. “When you make a mistake, it is especially difficult for you to forgive yourself and move on. This can result in a fear of failure, and the feeling that you must avoid situations that carry the risk of personal defeat. You typically refrain from examining and expressing your feelings, which could signal a more general pattern of withdrawal.” I always think that I can do better, and I would not say that I cannot forgive myself, because there is always next time where I can do better. I would also say that most of the time (depending on the time and place) I express the way I feel whether people like it or not. I am very much aware of things that I can and cannot do. When it comes to work I do sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by circumstances
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because I work, go to school full time, and have a household to take care of. That is also where my
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Life Styles Inventor1 - Life Styles Inventory GM 591...

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