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Lecture 4— Brain and Development Cerebral Cortex and Information processing I. Frontal Lobe – Judgment and planning a. Motor – Precise control of fingers, lips, and jaw. b. Pre-motor – Speech. Damage will cause problems with speech and writing. c. Pre-frontal – Abstract thinking, planning ability, decision making, self awareness, and judgment. II. Parietal Lobe – Body sensations a. Pressure, temperature, pain b. Electric stimulation – feel warmth, tingling, other sensations in body. c. Damage i. inability to recognize familiar objects by touch ii. Failure to recognize parts of our own body iii. Right-left confusion III. Occipital Lobe – Vision a. Responsible for visual perception, recognition, and memory. b. Damage - Inability to recognize familiar objects, visual hallucinations, cortical blindness. c. Left – Inability to see more than one thing or one aspect of an object at a time. d.
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Lecture+4+Outline+Brain+and+Development(9,4) - Lecture 4...

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