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Lecture 7— Development I. Definitions a. Biological sex dictates – gender i. Gender – The social definition of male and female ii. Gender Identity – one’s sense of male or female iii. Gender Roles – the expected behaviors for males and females iv. Gender-Typing – The acquisition of masculine or feminine gender identity and roles b. Androgyny – Posession of desirable psychological traits traditionally associated with both men and women. II. Four Theories of Gender Typing a. Freud’s Gender Identification Theory i. Sexual Energy – identifying with the same sex parent b. Social Learning Theory i. Rewards and punishments – observance and imitation of models (parents). Rewarded when imitation is correct, punished when wrong. c. Cognitive Developmental Theory i. Child’s struggle to comprehend the self and world – concept of gender – imitation of same sex models d. Gender Schema Theory i. Cultural emphasis on gender – gender schema (looking at self and world through a gender “lens”) – gender organized thinking –
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lecture+7+Outline+Development(9,11) - Lecture 7 Development...

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