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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY Lecture 14 DEPRESSION Mood Disorders : characterized by emotional extremes Suicide Major Depression Mild Depression Neutral Exuberance Hypomanic Mania/ Bipolar Major Depression is … **Like anxiety: depression can be adaptive is unpleasant has been studied a lot in terms of different treatments occurs on a continuum Mild……………………………….…………………….Severe Major depression **If they had Prozac in the 1900’s: Karl Marx would have said: “Sure! Capitalism can work out it’s kinks Friedrich Nietzsche : would have changed to saying… **Edgar A. Poe: **Struggled w/depression: Sylvia Plath Virginia Woofe Pollock Igmar Bergman **During 20th century age of onset for depression is decreasing
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Major Depression in adolescents is primarily a female disorder 25% of people age 18-29 have already experienced major depression Mood Disorders: Major Depressive Disorder (5 or more for 2 weeks)
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Lecture+14+Outline+Mood+Disorders(10,10) - PSY120CAROL...

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