Lecture+16+Intelligence(10,17) - PSY120CAROL DONNELLY...

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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY LECTURE 16 Intelligence “How smart are you???”…is a stupid question… The right question is: “How are you smart???” What is Intelligence? --Charles Spearman g = general intelligence **Contributes to performance on a variety of mental tests s = specific intelligence **Unique to a particular kind of test Fluid intelligence **Uninfluenced by experience Crystallized intelligence = knowledge & abilities acquired as a result of experience (from Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences **8 kinds of intelligence Musical intelligence--Type of ability displayed by gifted musicians/child prodigies Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence--Ability shown by gifted athletes, dancers, surgeons Logical-mathematical intelligence--Ability displayed by superior scientists Linguistic intelligence--Ability shown by great writers & poets (good verbal expression)
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Lecture+16+Intelligence(10,17) - PSY120CAROL DONNELLY...

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