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PSY120—CAROL DONNELLY LECTURE 18 General Adaptation Syndrome GAS = model of stress **Phase 1: **Phase 2: **Phase 3: Stress (stressor) → Sick (response) Control = Subjective sense of control to stay healthy Learned Helplessness Social Readjustment Rating Scale Death of spouse 100 Divorce 73 Jail term 63 Marriage 50 Change in living conditions 25 Vacation 13 Christmas 11 **What is the pathway toward health??
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Personality Types Type A = Very competitive; Always on the go, always in a hurry Type B = Noncompetitive; Relaxed, in control; Easygoing Aerobic Exercise Decrease in depression, anxiety, & stress---makes all the good chemicals circulate (endorphins, morphine, serotonin, etc.) Relaxation **Progressive Muscle Relaxation— **Autogenic Relaxation— Relaxation Techniques
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Lecture+18+Stress+and+19+Motivation(10,23) - PSY120CAROL...

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