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Lecture+20+Social+Psychology(11,5) - Social Psychology...

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Social Psychology Lecture First Lesson of Social Psychology Our behavior is powerfully influenced by the SITUATION Fundamental Attribution Error The observer Underestimates the effect of the situation And Overestimates inner disposition of the actor Just World Phenomenon An attribution error where the assumption is made that the world is just Blames the victim Bad things happen to bad people Good things happen to good people Suggestibility: Copycat Behavior High School Shootings Group suicide Informational Social Influence (‘good’ conformity) Sherif (1937): Autokinetic Effect A stationary dot of light Gave the illusion of movement Subjects had to guess how many inches it was moving Three Participants Sherif (cont’d) Day 1: great discrepancy Day 2: came closer together Day 3: even closer Day 4: exactly the same Normative Social Influence Bad conformity: comform even when you know it’s wrong Group Think Group Think = conformity because we want harmony within the group Group Pressure Conformity: Asch 1955 The group is composed of researcher: all lie 1 person, subject, is out of the loop Need to match the standard
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(C was answer) 8 th trial—all said it was “A” Asch continued Asch discovered: People would rather be liked then to be right! Conditions that Strengthen Conformity 1. We are made to feel incompetent or insecure Conditions that Strengthen Conformity 2. Group has at least 3 people (further increases the group size to yield smaller increases in conformity) Conditions that Strengthen Conformity 3.Group is unanimous (the support of a single fellow dissident greatly increases our social courage) Conditions that Strengthen Conformity 4.
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