Lecture+21+LOVE(11,7) - LOVE Proximity Geographical...

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Unformatted text preview: LOVE Proximity Geographical nearness Mere exposure effect #1 predictor for developing relationships First Impressions First impression is neutral or positive, will lead to liking Emotions Conditioning effects Music can have an effect Affiliation (traits) Extrovert —high affiliation for other people Introvert —low affiliation for other people **Need to be aware of partner’s affiliation style Affiliation (situations) Some situations bring people together Others make them drift apart (reading embarrassing material) Attractiveness Halo effect All things being equal, you tend to marry someone who is similar in level of attractiveness Similarity: Social Validation Do birds of a feather flock together? Or do opposites attract? Social Validation When it comes to: Values Attitudes Beliefs be birds of a feather When it comes to more superficial things— opposites can be complementary Reciprocal Judgment We like those who like us If someone has a crush on you, you’ll tend to like them if we:...
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Lecture+21+LOVE(11,7) - LOVE Proximity Geographical...

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