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new_lecture11_psychopathology(10,1) - Psychopathology...

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Psychopathology Outline 09/27/07 What is abnormal psychology? Why would one do self harm? Integrative Bio Psycho Social Framework. Biological: Brain functioning - Brain functioning - Neurotransmitters – Axon, Terminal, Synapse, Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System. Hormonal Imbalances Genetic Vulnerability Genotype-genetic information inherited from parents Temperament Phenotype Physical, Behavioral, Psychological Features are a result of the interaction between one’s genes and one’s environment Psychological – relationships, family, friends, intimate others. Freud Post Freudian Culture – a body of learned behaviours. common to a given human society acts rather like a template (ie. it has predictable form & content) shaping behavior & consciousness within a human society from generation to generation . Values of a culture: cross-cultural factors are integral to the study of psychology Cultural Norm or Abnormal? In a Mad World only the Mad are Sane”. Akira Kurosawa 1910-98
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History of Suffering The supernatural tradition - Battle between good & evil -Evil spirits -Demons -Witches Magic & sorcery Magic potions Exorcism Rituals Shaving the pattern of a cross in the hair of victim’s head
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new_lecture11_psychopathology(10,1) - Psychopathology...

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