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Psy 120 Extra Credit Due: April 26 th , 2007 at end of class (no exceptions) Extra credit is worth 10% points to one exam. (ie: if you got a 76% on exam 1 you would have 86% if you receive all 10 points). Points are allocated dependent on completion of all components of paper. Therefore you may not receive all 10 points. Please type your name and SID # in the top right corner of page. Submit 5 written pages , double spaced, 1 inch margins, and no cover page paper. (Following these directions is worth 1 point) Address the following questions in your paper: Has technology enhanced or hindered our sense of connection to others? Are we becoming a culture of isolation? Follow the following steps in completion of your paper: 1) Go to Google and look at a few articles (or find information) that discuss this topic. Summarize, in your own words what you have read and then articulate the
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Unformatted text preview: specific hypotheses. (1/2 page). 2) Create a survey (5-10) questions that asks questions about cell phones, text messages, email and computers in relation to intimacy with others. (Include a copy of the survey at the end of the paper, this is page 6). 1---------2---------3--------4---------5---------6---------7 Strongly agree strongly disagree 3) Your subject pool should include at least 5 participants from you generation and at least 5 from an older generation. 4) Describe your results. 5) Discussion: here is where you based your results; you speculate what the results might mean. 6) You can mention the literature and also put in your own opinion. 7) Do not plagiarize or use excessive quotes in your paper. The written content should be in your own words....
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