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homework 10(4,2)

homework 10(4,2) - 4 To get full credit for the problems r...

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Assignment #10 Due at the beginning of class on Thursday, April 9 th 2008 Homework Policy: 1. You are allowed to work on your homework in groups, but that work should involve an exchange of ideas on how to solve the problems, rather than completing the final write-up that you will be submitting. 2. Always write up your homework solutions alone- that means without another person or another person’s paper. In the case of a computer assignment, do not have another team’s computer files with you when you are creating your own. 3. If you got any help with a particular problem from someone, then cite that person in your write- up. For example, “I thank Valerie Tardif for helping me solve this problem.’” If you worked with other(s), then each of you should cite the other(s).
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Unformatted text preview: 4. To get full credit for the problems , r efer to the rules also described in the syllabus and introduction slides Problem 1 Consider the following single machine scheduling problem where all jobs are available simultaneously at time zero: Job i 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 p(i) 5 18 12 8 10 17 16 d(i) 7 42 44 24 80 74 68 The processing time, due date of job i are denoted by p(i), d(i) respectively. Find the schedule that minimizes each of the following performance measures. Illustrate your schedule with a Gantt chart, and calculate the performance measure value a) Mean Flow Time. b) Maximum Tardiness. Problem 2 Chapter 8 Question 1 Problem 3 Chapter 8 Question 2 Problem 4 Chapter 8 Question 3 Problem 5 Chapter 8 Question 30 Problem 6 Chapter 8 Question 32...
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