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Routing disadvantage is high traffic load generated

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Unformatted text preview: affic load generated Routing Strategies - Random Routing Routing simplicity of flooding with much less load node selects one outgoing path for node retransmission of incoming packet retransmission selection can be random or round robin a refinement is to select outgoing path based on refinement probability calculation probability no network info needed but a random route is typically neither least cost but nor minimum hop nor Routing Strategies - Adaptive Routing Routing used by almost all packet switching networks routing decisions change as conditions on the routing network change due to failure or congestion network requires info about network disadvantages: decisions more complex tradeoff between quality of network info and overhead reacting too quickly can cause oscillation reacting too slowly means info may be irrelevant reacting Adaptive Routing Advantages Advantages improved performance aid congestion control aid but since is a complex system, may not but realize theoretical benefits realize cf. outages on many packet-switched nets Classification of Adapt...
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