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Friday 10/7/11 CPPS Case – For In-Class Discussion Instructions: You will be preparing for this week’s session using the vast knowledge bases of your predefined CPPS student groups. .. Below you will find a case of a patient with a seizure disorder. Please read the case materials and the associated questions carefully. Then, utilize the reading assignment posted with this case [A copy of a recently-enacted Connecticut State Law concerning antiepileptic medications] as well as your knowledge and/or class materials from your P1 year courses to develop what you think are the appropriate answers to each question. You should find that you will have to draw from knowledge obtained during your ANS Module, as well as from your coursework in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Communications, and Public Health. You will notice that some questions may be designed more to stimulate discussion of a controversial issue or an ethical dilemma. In these instances, you (your group) may choose to take one position on the issue—conversely, your group may choose to think about and be prepared to take many different stances on the situation that was presented. Each student group should bring at least two copies of your notes / answers to the questions. we will be collecting one copy from your group at the start of your CPPS session.
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Patient Case: B.C. is an 18 year old, 115 lb, female college student who was recently admitted to the hospital. She had no history of reported seizures until earlier today before her admission. While at her house getting ready for class, she had a “convulsion” that was witnessed by her mother. More specifically, her mother also noted that B.C. was behaving “oddly”—she abruptly stood up from the kitchen table and began to clumsily walk around the kitchen, unresponsive to her mother’s attempts to redirect her back
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CCPS6.doc - Friday CPPS Case For In-Class Discussion I n st...

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