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PHRX 4050 Pharmacy Practice Management Meets Fall Semester, Mondays 2 – 4pm PBB 131 (Roth Classroom) Course Coordinators: Peter Tyczkowski, R.Ph., MBA, PBB Rm. 328, 860-486-3151, [email protected] Marie Smith Pharm.D., PBB Rm. 434, 860-486-2854, [email protected] Course Overview & Purpose: Pharmacists carry a dual role serving as both clinicians and managers whether or not they carry the formal titles of “Manager”, “Director” or similar. Called upon to contribute productively into our healthcare system while helping advance its performance and outcomes, it is clear that to be successful, pharmacists need to utilize managerial or supervisory skills. In a dynamic pharmacy practice marketplace where the supply of pharmacists and the need for their expertise may be reaching equilibrium, those with the interest, skills and talent to manage resources will excel. Even those seeking clinical roles with “no interest in management” require a set of skills to manage patient care programs to be effective and achieve career goals. The overwhelming majority of your coursework here at the School of Pharmacy prepares your entry into the profession as a clinician. The goal of this course is to help prepare you with a foundation for the management requirements imbedded in professional practice by providing basic managerial information. It is not the purpose of this course to transform students into management experts as this can only be gained though additional application and experience. Likewise it is not the purpose of this class to direct students to a particular educational or career pathway. PHRX 4050 is designed to provide students with: 1) An understanding of the management challenges in a variety of pharmacy settings, 2) Exposure to practice-specific pharmacy management topics, and 3) An examination of management principles in “real-world” pharmacy management challenges. To supplement in-class presentations, students will be required to work with a team of peers to explore and share information on a wide variety of pharmacists practicing in managerial roles. Class attendance: As a student, you have many demands upon your time and interests. There are several reasons why attendance in class is important to your success. One would be wrong to imagine they could master this subject matter by only reviewing the slides that will be posted in Husky CT and ignoring the other points and important material shared during the class sessions. Second, it is quite likely that class presentations may deviate from or augment the slides based on current
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Page 2 of 10 PHRX 4050 Pharmacy Practice Management Fall Semester 2011 developments that were unforeseen at the time the slides were prepared. Third, information and tips aimed at helping you with respect to assignments, exams and projects may arise from questions asked by peers and shared in class that complements what is posted on this syllabus and the slides. Students are responsible for any information presented in class whether it is in the
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PHRX%204050%20syllabus%2020111 - PHRX 4050 Pharmacy...

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