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Unformatted text preview: CPPSII Psychiatry Module; September 30, 2011 For the pre‐class assignment, read the following article: Maugh TH. Biochemical Markers Identify Mental States. Science 214: 39‐41 (1981). [A copy is posted.] Yes, it is old, but it raises some important observations that are still relevant and have not been exploited. During class, you will be given a scenario for your group to discuss and extrapolate that is loosely based on the article, so try to have an understanding of what the article is trying to say and how it could be applied. For your assignment, each group should submit a 2‐3 sentence (maximum) summary of the article. The assignment is due no later than the start of class. Clearly indicate your section and group number (or names) on the submission in order to receive credit. [It is only necessary for one student in each group to submit the assignment, but all members are responsible for the contents thereof.] ...
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