HW-CH-1 - HOMEWORK(Chapter1Solution)

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HOMEWORK (Chapter 1 Solution) Prob 7) Hydraulic engineers in the United States often use, as a unit of volume of water, the acre foot, defined as the volume of water that will cover 1 acre of land to a depth of 1 ft. A severe thunderstorm dumped 2.0 in. of rain in 30 min on a town of area 26 km 2 . What volume of water, in acre feet, fell on the town? Solution: 23 1 acre ft = (43,560 ft ) ft = 43,560 ft ⋅⋅ Since 2 in. = (1/6) ft, the volume of water that fell during the storm is 22 2 7 3 (26 km )(1/6 ft) (26 km )(3281ft/km) (1/6 ft) 4.66 10 ft . V == = × Thus, V = × ×⋅ 466 10 4 3560 10 11 10 7 4 3 . . . ft ft acre ft acre ft. 3 3 Prob 8) Harvard Bridge, which connects MIT with its fraternities across the Charles River, has a length of 364.4 Smoots plus one ear. The unit of one Smoot is based on the length of Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr., class of 1962, who was carried or dragged length by length across the bridge so that other pledge members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity could mark off (with paint) 1 Smoot lengths along the bridge. The marks have been repainted biannually by fraternity pledges since the initial measurement, usually during times of traffic congestion so that the police cannot easily interfere. (Presumably, the police were originally upset because the Smoot is not an SI base unit, but these days they seem to have accepted the unit.) Figure 1 4 shows three parallel paths, measured in Smoots (S), Willies (W), and Zeldas (Z). What is the length of 50.0 Smoots in (a) Willies and (b) Zeldas? Figure 1 4
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Solution: From Fig. 1 4, we see that 212 S is equivalent to 258 W and 212 – 32 = 180 S is equivalent to 216 – 60 = 156 Z. The information allows us to convert S to W or Z. (a) In units of W, we have () 258 W 50.0 S 50.0 S 60.8 W 212 S ⎛⎞ == ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ (b) In units of Z, we have 156 Z 50.0 S 50.0 S 43.3 Z 180 S Prob 13) Three digital clocks A, B , and C run at different rates and do not have simultaneous readings of zero. Figure 1 6
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HW-CH-1 - HOMEWORK(Chapter1Solution)

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