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Name: Student ID Number: CPSC 344 2005-06/T1 1 of 8 Midterm Exam (50 minutes) Signature: CPSC 344 2005-06 Term 1 Midterm Exam 50 minutes Department of Computer Science University of British Columbia K. MacLean Exam Instructions (read carefully): 1. Immediately sign the first page of the exam with your signature in the space provided on the upper left. 2. Print your Name and Student ID at the top of each page in the booklet before you start working. 3. Continue reading these instructions, but do not open the exam booklet until you are told to do so by a proctor. 4. Cheating is an academic offense. Your signature on the exam indicates that you understand and agree to the University’s policies regarding cheating on exams. 5. The exam is closed book . There are no aids permitted (this includes calculators) 6. Interpret the exam questions as written . When in doubt, take a strict, literal interpretation of the question. 7. You have 50 minutes in which to work (~1 min/mark). Budget your time wisely . 8. No one will be permitted to leave the exam room during the last ten minutes of the exam. Question Points Received 1 9 2 8 3 9 4 12 5 12 Total 50
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