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cs313-2005-t1-midterm2 - CPSC 313 05w Term 1 Midterm 2 Date...

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CPSC 313, 05w Term 1— Midterm 2 Date: November 9, 2005; Instructor: Mike Feeley This is a closed book exam; no notes; you may use calculators to perform simple arithmetic calculations. NOTE: the last page shows the PIPE architecture diagram. Answer in the space provided; use the backs of pages if needed. There are ?? questions on ?? pages, totaling ?? marks. You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: SCORE: / ?? 1. (10 marks) Short answers. 1a. Briefly explain how an n-channel MOSFET transistor closes the circuit between its source and drain when its gate voltage is high. 1b. Can an general-purpose processor (just the processor itself) be design using only combinational logic? Why or why not? 1c. Give one advantage the y86 (and/or a RISC processor) gets from confining memory access to special instructions that do nothing else but load from and store to memory (i.e., mrmovl and rmmovl . 1d. Explain the difference between a pipeline stall and a pipeline bubble? 1e. Briefly explain what a control hazard is, what stage of the y86 pipeline it affects and how.
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