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CPSC 313 06W Term 2 Problem Set #6 - Solution 1. iaddl: Stage iaddl V, rB Fetch icode:ifun M 1 [PC] rA:rB M 1 [PC + 1] valC M 4 [PC + 2] valP PC + 6 Decode valB R[rB] Execute valE valB + valC setCC Memory Write back R[rB] valE PC update PC valP 2. leave: Stage leave Fetch icode:ifun M 1 [PC] valP PC + 1 Decode valA R[ebp] valB R[ebp]
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Unformatted text preview: Execute valE valB + 4 Memory valM M 4 [valA] Write back R[esp] valE R[ebp] valM PC update PC valP 3. The solution to the copy block problem will not be provided. 4. The solution to the sequential simulator problem will not be provided. 1...
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