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SUBJECT: HIST 150—The West in the World ASSIGNMENT TEN: An Era of Totalitarianism and World War II. READING ASSIGNMENT: Textbook : Marvin Perry, Western Civilization, A Brief History , 6 th ed., Boston Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008, chapters *19 and 20, pp.423-81. QUESTIONS: 1. Discuss twentieth-century totalitarianism. How does it differ from ancient tyrannies and early modern autocratic states? 2. Discuss the Stalin Revolution. Describe Stalin’s rise to power, explain how his view of revolution differed from Lenin’s, and describe Stalin’s program of collectivization and its effect. Note Stalin’s comments on Russian history in 1931 (p. 432) and how he is eulogized by a writer in 1935 (p. 432). 3. Discuss the rise of fascism in Italy including Mussolini’s seizure of power and the fascist state he created. 4. How was Hitler’s outlook shaped by his experience in Vienna? What were his attitudes toward democracy, the masses, war, the Jews, and propaganda? How did the Nazi’s
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