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Astronomy Class Notes November 30

Astronomy Class Notes November 30 - Jerry Imel...

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Jerry Imel Astronomy 11-30-2010 *Form a list of study questions from the handouts ½ of the questions on the exam come from the TY and questions on handouts Cosmolog Cosmos + Logic (The study of the universe as a whole) (The study of the beginning and the end of the universe) Edwin Hubble (Hubble Telescope named after him) HUBBLE’s COMPETITION Steady State Universe People thought for centuries that the universe was infinitely big (would look the same from any place in the universe, and neither beginning or end) HUBBLE’s DATA 1. Galaxy light is Red-shifted 2. Bigger the red-shift the further away it is HUBBLE’s INTERPRETATION 1. The red-shift is the Doppler shift 2. The red-shift is a gravitational shift 3. BOTH Hubble preceded that it was only a Doppler Shift A string of interpretations of interpretations that arrived at the Big Bang Theory Instead of saying the red shift moves away further, we can say it moves away faster HUBBLE’s LAW
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