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Chapter 16 Social change – the transformation of culture and social institutions over time 4 Major Characteristics Social change happens all the time Social change is sometimes intentional but often unplanned Social change is controversial Some changes matter more than others Demographic Change Population patterns also play a part in social change Migration within and between societies promotes change Social movements and change Social movement o An organized activity that encourages or discourages social change Types of Social Movements Alternative social movements Redemptive
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Unformatted text preview: • Reformative • Revolutionary 4 Types of social movements reflecting change and how great the change is Claims Making • The process of trying to convince the public and public officials of the importance of joining a social movement to address a particular issue • For a social movement to form, some issue has to be defined as a problem that demands public attention. Stages in Social Movements • Emergence o Occurs as people think all is not well • Coalescence • Blah • Blah 3 Types of Disasters • Natural • Technological • Intentional...
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