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Ethics Final Questions

Ethics Final Questions - PHIL 202/Ethics Fall 2010/Second...

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Unformatted text preview: PHIL 202/Ethics/ Fall 2010/Second Exam Dr. Fry This is a take-home exam. It is due in class on Tuesday, December 7. Please no late submissions and no e-mail submissions. There are two parts to this exam. Each part counts equally. Summarize or paraphrase in your own words. If you quote a fragment of a sentence, use quotation marks. Quote sparingly. If you do quote, please use quotation marks, put in the page number, and abbreviate the textual reference (such as EL, p. 21). Part I (1-1 ½ pages, single-spaced/typed--not less than 1 full, single-spaced page) Discuss two ideas that you encountered in this class that you found especially interesting. Why did you find them interesting? In what ways have these ideas challenged you or somehow made an impact on you? In what ways have you "changed your mind" (if you have) as a result of your encounter with these ideas? Devote roughly ½ - ¾ page to each topic....
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