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Jerry Imel Ethics 202 11/07/2010 Class Experiences Throughout this semester, Ethics class has taught me many things from ethical subjectivism to Immanuel Kant and the Categorical Imperative. I have observed various views from like-minded students in the pursuit of moral relevance. Of the topics that we discussed, I particularly found the idea of euthanasia to be quite intriguing. We often associate euthanasia with animals in-so-far as we end their life early, in order to keep them from living a life filled with anguish or we withhold medical treatment and let them die. This is also called a mercy killing. Many people feel that this is unjust and argue that when we decide to end a life, we are playing the role of God. Prior to this discussion in class, I rarely thought about euthanasia and its effects on human beings. Like some animals, there are humans who are enduring a life filled with pain and suffering. Many of these people are traveling to various countries in an effort to find doctors who are willing to assist them with suicide. Before this class, I would have
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