sept 26oct2 (1) - 2pm 10pm 7.5 1pm 9pm 8 SUE M LE SAMANTHA...

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SCHEDULE sept 26- Oct 2 26-Sep 27-Sep 28-Sep 29-Sep 30-Sep 1-Oct 2-Oct 2oc TOTAL HRS MON hrs TUES HRS WEDS HRS THURS HRS FRI HRS SAT HRS SUN HRS NAME IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT ALEXIA CHRISTIDIS 6pm 11:30pm 5.5 11am 4:30pm 5.5 CAITLIN MARCH 2pm 8pm 6 9:45am 4:15pm 6 CATHIE CHANDLER 6:30 10:30pm 4 CELESTE RIPARIP 6:30pm 10pm 3.5 11am 4pm 5 CHRISTIAN TAMAYO 6:45pm 10:45pm 4 DOMINIC (JOEY) NODALO 6:45pm 11:15pm 6 7pm 1am 6 JACOB MYSZKO 6:45pm 10:45pm 4 JOANNA SAUL 6pm 10pm 4 LAILA AZIZI 6pm 11pm 5 6:30pm 1am 6 MAJA GOLICH 7pm 10:30pm 4.5 7:30pm 12:30am 5 MEGHAN NOWOSAD 945am 6:15pm 8 9:45am 6:15pm 8 9:45am 6:15pm 8 9:45am 6:15pm 8 10:30am 2:30pm 4 NICOLE BAUTISTA
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Unformatted text preview: 2pm 10pm 7.5 1pm 9pm 8 SUE M LE SAMANTHA (JAMELA) PASCO 6:15PM 10:45pm 4.5 6:15pm 10:45pm 4.5 3:30pm 8:30pm 5 SHAYLA 6:15pm 10:15pm 4 9:45am 6:15pm 8 EMMA LEE 5:45pm 11:45pm 6 KYRILL LAZAROV 6:45pm 10:45pm 4 TYRA 6:30pm 12:30am 6 1 CHRISTINE LEE 5:15pm 10:15pm 5 2pm 8:30pm 6 DANIELLE 6:45pm 10:45pm 4 7:30pm 12:30am 5 DOMINIQUE 6:15pm 10:45pm 4.5 6:15pm 10:15pm 4 MOHAMMED 6:15pm 10:45pm 4.5 7pm 11pm 4 7:30pm 1am 5.5 6:45pm 10:45pm 4...
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