Unit 10 - Assignment & Grading Rubric Final Project You...

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Assignment & Grading Rubric 1 | Page Final Project You have been hired as a consultant to build a network for Acme, Inc. There are three departments, Apples, Bananas, and Cranberries. Each department has various workstations (represented by the two workstations in the diagram below) that are connected to a Cisco 2950 switch. Each switch is connected to a Cisco 2600 router. The S0/0 ports on the routers are DCE and use a clock rate of 64000. RouterA S0/0 is connected to RouterB S0/1 and RouterB S0/0 is connected to RouterC S0/1. The S0/1 interface on RouterA is connected to the ISP and is the company link to the Internet. Your project is to create an IP addressing scheme for the devices and departments above. The company would like the routers to be connected using the class A reserved IP address space. Each subnet connecting the routers should be the smallest possible subnet. The workstations will be connected using the reserved class C address. The number of hosts for each department is as follows: Apples – 50 hosts, Bananas – 97 hosts, and Cranberries – 40 hosts. The subnets for each department should contain the smallest number of hosts to meet the needs of the department. After you create the IP addressing scheme, the network devices should be configured to establish connectivity. The switches should be configured to the name of the department, a happy banner message should be configured, and the password “Kaplan” should be enabled. On each switch, three VLANs should be configured. VLAN 10 should have the name Apple, to which ports 1 and 2 should be assigned. VLAN 20, named Banana, should have ports 3 and 4 assigned. The final VLAN 30, named Cranberry, should have ports 5 and 6 assigned.
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Unit 10 - Assignment & Grading Rubric Final Project You...

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