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Lecture Notes – September 16 th Lecture Points: Stories - Unnecessary stuff like his broken laptop, his old-age & hair growth everywhere due to that!!, etc. Project sponsor with real power Define the scope of the team’s work. Provide necessary resources. Approve or reject team’s output. About forming teams & performing successfully. Story of Gibson failing, & someone throwing paper on his face, etc! Hence, treat every project as if it were your last! Do what’s necessary as part of your role/personnel as part of the team/ organization. Communicate team progress to organizational personnel. Recognize when organizational objective changes impact the team charter. Work with territorial managers. Team Leader Responsibilities: Gotta do some tasks himself Provide direction for team activities. Coordinate team activities. Mediate conflicts. But, in class project, every team member gotta take up team leadership at one point or the other. There is no “one” team leader. Charter – each person writes the part which he/she does in the project. Also, talks about peer evaluation, etc Communicate team progress & problems to sponsor. Not everything in detail, only the stuff needed. Details communicated to top mgmt, should be concise, to the point. Story about how he tells everything in a over-detailed manner! About creating tasks in Microsoft Project. And, if we were learning MS Project. Skill Assessment of team members: Stage 1: Review the job to determine what skills are needed to accomplish the task. Stage 2 - Determine what organizational personnel have the correct skills (technical, problem-solving, interpersonal, organizational). And, that we all think, we are more competent & capable than we are. There are SMEs in each project. So, about acknowledging the skills & knowledge of SME.
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Team Charter The Team Charter provides the structure (guideline) for the team’s operation. The Team Charter should specify the “ends” but not the “means” of accomplishing the
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Lecture Notes_Sept 16 - Lecture Notes September 16th...

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