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Chapter 17 - Governmental Entities: Introduction and General Fund Accounting 17-2 Q17-2 (continued) d. Debt service fund : The accumulation of resources for and the payment of, general long-term debt principal and interest are accounted for in the debt service fund. e. Permanent fund : Accounts for resources for which the principal must be maintained, but for which the earnings may be used in support of governmental programs. f. Internal service fund : The financing of goods or services provided by one department or agency to other departments or agencies of the governmental unit, or to other governmental units, are accounted for in internal service funds. g. Enterprise fund : Operations of governmental units that charge for services provided to the general public are accounted for in the enterprise funds. h. Pension trust fund : Resources held by a governmental unit in a trustee capacity for the members and beneficiaries of pension plans, postemployment plans, or other employee benefit plans. i.
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