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Chap017-baker 3

Chap017-baker 3 - Chapter 17 Governmental Entities...

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Chapter 17 - Governmental Entities: Introduction and General Fund Accounting 17-3 Q17-6 GASB 33 states that taxpayer-assessed income and sales taxes should be accrued in the general fund when they become both measurable and available to finance expenditures of the fiscal period. Sales taxes held by other governmental units should be recognized if the taxes are both measurable and available for expenditure. Measurability in this case is based on an estimate of the sales taxes to be received, and availability is based on the ability of the governing entity that will receive the future distribution to obtain current resources through credit by using future sales tax receipts as collateral for the loan. Q17-7 Budgetary accounting is the entering of the budgeted revenue, appropriations, and net increase or decrease in fund balance into the formal accounting records as a formal accounting control mechanism. Expected revenue is accounted for as estimated revenue, an anticipatory asset account. The governmental unit anticipates receiving resources from the
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