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Chapter 17 - Governmental Entities: Introduction and General Fund Accounting 17-17 E17-5 (continued) (Note: In entry (4), the $800 excess of actual cost over the encumbered amount must be approved as part of 20X3's expenditures. Entry (4) records the City Council’s approval with a debit to Expenditures (20X3) which increases 20X3’s total expenditures. The expenditures for 20X3 are closed in entry (5). If the actual cost was less than the encumbered amount, then the difference should be closed to Fund Balance-Unreserved, although some governmental units have a policy of closing any difference between actual and encumbered amounts for prior year encumbrances to the current year's expenditures.) c. (1) Outstanding encumbrances are nonlapsing; City Council cancels order—
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Unformatted text preview: January 1, 20X3: Fund BalanceReserved for Encumbrances 21,000 Fund BalanceUnreserved 21,000 City Council cancels 20X2 order for equipment. E17-6 Accounting for Inventories of Office Supplies a. Consumption method of accounting for inventories: (1) Purchase of supplies: August 8, 20X2 Expenditures 3,600 Vouchers Payable 3,600 Acquire inventory of supplies. (2) Entries at end of 20X2 fiscal year: September 30, 20X2 Inventory of Supplies 2,800 Expenditures 2,800 Recognize ending inventory of supplies. Fund Balance Unreserved 2,800 Fund Balance Reserved for Inventories 2,800 Establish fund reserve for ending inventory. Fund Balance Unreserved 800 Expenditures 800 Close expenditures account....
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