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hominid review - EARLY HOMINIDS Genus/Species Location...

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EARLY HOMINIDS Genus/Species Location MYA/KYA Skull shape, bones, foramen magnum Teeth Habitat Ardipithecus ramidus Middle Awash Basin – Ethiopia 5.8-4.4 mya Pneumatized 1 basicranium (P) Foramen located under skull (H) Small incisor-like canines (H 2 ), Small molars (P), Thin tooth enamel (P) Forested environments, ~90 fossil specimens-teeth Ororrin tugenensis Tugen Hills – Kenya 6.0 mya Climbing & bipedal adaptations Ape-like teeth, Thick tooth enamel (H) Woodland & savannah, 13 fossil specimens Sahelanthropu s Tchadensis Toros-Menalla (Chad) 7.0-6.0 mya Relatively flat face (H) Massive brow ridge (P) Foramen magnum under skull (H) Small braincase (P) Australopithec us anamensis Kanapoi – Kenya 4.2-3.8 mya Small, ellipse-shaped ear holes (P), Receding chin (P) Large molars w/thick enamel (H), u-shaped dental arcade (P) Mixture of dry woodlands, gallery forest (along rivers), >50 fossil specimens afarensis(Lucy ) Hadar – Ethiopia 4-3 mya Pneumatized basil cranium (P), Small endocranial volume (P) V-shaped dental arcade (H) intermediate 3 rd premolar morphology, “modest” diastema 4 (P) 1 Broad base at back of skull 2 H=hominid (derived) trait P=pongid (ancestral) trait
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Bipedal adaptation, Sub-nasal prognathism 3 (P) africanus South Africa 3.0-2.2 mya Fewer airpockets in skull (than afarensis ), short face, Reduced subnasal prognathism Large molars (H) Fast maturation (P) garhi Awash Valley – Ethiopia 2.5 mya Small brain (P)
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hominid review - EARLY HOMINIDS Genus/Species Location...

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