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Assignment 6 - is attached to the discharge of a 15-hp pump...

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CHEE 3363---Fluid Mechanics HW 6 Pro 4.201 A turbine is supplied with 0.6 ? 3 ? of water from a 0.3-m diameter pipe; the discharge pipe has a 0.4 m diameter. Determine the pressure drop across the turbine if it delivers 60 kW. Pro 4.202 Air enters a compressor at 14 psia, 80 with negligible speed and is discharged at 70 psia, 500 with a speed of 500 ?? ? . If the power input is 3200 hp and the flow rate is 20 ?𝑏? ? , determine the rate of heat transfer. Pro 4.203 Air is drawn from the atmosphere into a turbomachine. At the exit, conditions are 500 kPa (gage) and 130 . The exit speed is 100 ? ? and the mass flow rate is 0.8 ?? ? . Flow is steady and there is no heat transfer. Compute the shaft work interaction with the surroundings. Pro 4.204 All major harbors are equipped with fire boats for extinguishing ship fires. A 3-in diameter hose
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Unformatted text preview: is attached to the discharge of a 15-hp pump on such a boat. The nozzle attached to the end of the hose has a diameter of 1 in. If the nozzle discharge is held 10 ft above the surface of the water, determine the volume flow rate through the nozzle, the maximum height to which the water will rise, and the force on the boat if the water jet is directed horizontally over the stern. Pro 4.205 A pump draws water from a reservoir through a 150-mm diameter suction pipe and delivers it to a 75-mm diameter discharge pipe. The end of the suction pipe is 2 m below the free surface of the reservoir. The pressure gage on the discharge pipe (2 m above the reservoir surface) reads 170 kPa. The average speed in the discharge pipe is 3 ? ? . If the pump efficiency is 75 percent, determine the power required to drive it....
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