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CHEE 3363---Fluid Mechanics Assignment 7 Pro 5.5 For a flow in the ?? plane, the ? component of velocity is given by ° = ? 3 3 ?? 2 . Determine a possible ? component for steady, incompressible flow. Is it also valid for unsteady, incompressible flow? Why? How many possible ? components are there? Pro 5.21 Evaluate ∇ ∙ ±² ³ in cylindrical coordinates. Use the definition of in cylindrical coordinates. Substitute the velocity vector and perform the indicated operations, using the hint in footnote 1
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Unformatted text preview: on page 168. Collect terms and simplify; show that the result is identical to Eq. 5.2c. Pro 5.51 Expand ( ² ³ ∙ ∇ ) ² ³ in rectangular coordinates by direct substitution of the velocity vector to obtain the convective acceleration of a fluid particle. Verify the results given in Eqs. 5.11)...
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