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Hw 2-6 - profile the maximum and average velocities and the...

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Assignment 2 From text: Prob. 2.3 (can work as group of 3 students); there is an error in the book on thie problem. You should use Excel, MatLab, MathCad, Mathematica, or some other package to assist you in the calculations and the plotting. The velocity in the book is in error. You should use v = Ax2i + Bxyj. Probs. 2.47, 2.50 Problems from text on fluid statics: 3.27, 3.49, 3.50, 3.70, 3.73, 3.84 Assignment 8 - Laminar Flow Problems Solve the following problems from your text: 5.42 8.16, 8.17 (neglect inertia/acceleration terms) 8.23 (Provide the following: Governing equation from shell balance, the stress field, the velocity
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Unformatted text preview: profile, the maximum and average velocities, and the total drag of walls on the fluid) 8.24, 8.49 Special Problem 1: For laminar flow in a tube (see Section 8.3 in text), use a shell balance to develop the governing equation of motion and check this result with the tables in the Summary handout; then show all steps in solving for the stress field, the velocity profile, the maximum and average velocities, and the drag force of the tube on the fluid. Special Problem 2: Same as Special Problem 1, but solve the problem on pages 311-12 of your text. Then answer the questions of Problem 8.25....
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