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COMM 100 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE -- Digital Media (Internet): - HOWARD AIKEN (Harvard) - First Digital Computer - ENIAC (UPenn) - First Electronic Digital Computer in 1943 Internet : - Internet was invented in 1969 - In conjunction with the NSF and the department of Defense (ARPANet), The Internet was created. - Internet was orginally created to allow researchers to talk to one another (LAN- Local Area Netword) - 1989 -- Tim Berners - Lee and colleages invent HTML - or a computer language that is used to define the structure, content and layout of webpages. - 1993 -- Computer scientists at Illinois invent the BROWSER - software that decodes HTML and displays it. - The Internet is a worldwide system of computer networds; a network of networks in which users of one computer (if they have permission), can get information from another computer. It is a digital technology. Networks can be connected by phone lines, microwaves, fiber opitic cables, or wires specifically built to carry digital informations. - As of 2009, more than 1 TRILLION unique sites are on the Web. - There are 2 BILLION users WORLDWIDE and 239 MILLION users in the UNITED STATES . - BROADBAND - Equipment that allowes for quick reception and transmission of a wide array of signals that come into the computer at one time. - Comcast and AT&T have the largest amount of broadband suscribers. - Roughly 90% on connected US households use broadband, but this still lags behind other Countries such as South Korea - The Internet is primarily used by YOUNGER TO MIDDLE AGE PEOPLE (18-49), MODERATE TO HIGH INCOME ($30,000 and above) and HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE (Some College or College Degree)
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- PRODUCTION in the Internet Industry is related to or refers to any activity that involves the creation of content. - User Generated Content - Creative products, generated by people who visit websites such as Myspace and Facebook. - DISTRIBUTION in the Internet Industry refers to the act of posting or publishing content online. - There are many distributors - NOT as exclusive as traditional media. it is nearly impossible to separate production and distribution in the internet industry. - When you post information to your facebook profile, BOTH you( the person posting the content) and facebook(the enitity that allows you to post the content) are the distributors. - EXHIB ITION refers to the company that provides the technology through which people go online or visit websites. - ISP (Internet Service Provider) - a company that sells access to the internet( e.g., Comcast, Time Warner, Get Wireless, AT&T - URL (Uniform Resource Locators) - They help to locate unique resources (i.e. sites) on the Web. Every Web address must be unique so that computers that connect computers to the web can locate it. A URL has TWO parts -- - 1. Domain Name - is a word ir connected phrase with which the person or oganizazion wants to be indentifed on the Web. Must be be registered with the Interent Coporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) (i.g., LebronJames)
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Exam4Review - COMM 100 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE-Digital...

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