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PracticeExam1asoln - r Chem 202 Practice Hour Exam I for...

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Unformatted text preview: r Chem 202 Practice Hour Exam I for Oct. 2008 Prof. Gruebele Instruction Page Name: Chem 202 Fall 2008 Signature: Name: Student ID No: : Instructions: Quiz Sect: TA: Hour Exam I 10-08 Section: PAGE 1 TA: 1) The atomic number of which element is 16? m until you are told to notsbegintthemeantiuntilfyounatreetinfoto doiso; in the meantime, fill in the information Do do o; in he exam me, ill i h old rmat on requested below. a) oxygen b) potassium c) sulfur d) phosphorus e)none of these ain 21 multiple choiThe ueidterm(will s.ontainn21ome word choice m (16 pts.)(,4 pts. ea.) and one word problem (16 pts.), ce q m stions 4 pt c ea.) a d n ultiple proble questions s shown here. Fill isimilar no me, examples, shown t ID noFilluiz yourion and signature, student ID no., quiz section and TA name n your t a the signature studen here. ., q in sect name, TA name answer sheet fill in the same tn pheobubblemation; use just the ttwo same oype tofdigits of above. O y t e f infor answer sheet fill in he "imp t rtan " information; use just the two "important" digits of r "class" and followyourructiosecoionhunder "classilure toollow ialltrucoionstoontheayoard. Failure to fill in all information may inst quiz ns t n t e board. Fa " and f fill in ns inf t rma i n m b exam. delay grading of your exam. 2) Which of these is a reasonable potential energy curve for NO? V(r) V(r) V(r) V(r) part of the exam; hoYou er, only bubbanyfpart of ton the anshowever,tonly cbubbles ciledd in on the answer sheet will count as credit wevmay write on les illed in he exam; wer shee will ount as fr le it questions; only ansfor rts wmtultiple tchoicexquestions; provianswersherittemin ill cbunt spaces provided on the exam will count we he ri ten in he b o ed spaces only ded on t w exan wthe o oxed for the essay question. a) 0 the answer sheet at Turn nn thethe houa.nd or rough wosheet atotnly end lootse shour.s For rough work, use only the loose sheets the e i d of exam r Fthe answer rk, use he the of he heet ose sheets will not be collected, aorkwinlloose e countwill notebe collected,eandill be not be counted. The exam booklet will be provided. Wnd o l not b sheets ed. Th exam bookl t w will uiz section. returned to you next quiz section. c) 0 b) 0 r 0 r 0 d) 0 r 0 e) 0 r 0 r 0 H2 C=CH H In question 3, what hybridization best describes the atom shown labeled (labels refer to N,C or O, not any H's that are not shown) : 30 minutes, relaPractice exam tactua30xam tes, relative to 1 hr. on actual exam tive to 1 hr. on ime: l e minu V(r) 3) atom (ii): a) sp3 b) sp 2 c) sp H HO N H3 CO N (ii) 4) Which of the following orderings is in terms of DECREASING atomic radius? a) Ca++, K+, Ar, Cl- b) Ar, K+, Ca++, Cl- c) Cl-, Ca++, K+, Ar d) Cl-, Ar, K+, Ca++ e) none 5) Blood plasma contains approximately 7% by mass of the protein albumin. How many moles of this protein are contained in 1 liter of blood plasma? (M.W. (albumin) = 69,000 grams/mole; density of blood plasma = 1.06 kg/liter.) a) 9.57.10-4 b) 1.01.10-3 c) 986 d) 992 e) 1.08.10-3 6) What is the elctron configuration of Scandium? a) [Ar] 4s23d1 b) [Ar] 3s23d1 Note: no transition metals on exam!o transition Note: n c) [Ar]4s3 d) [Ar]3s22d1 e)[Kr]-4s23d1 7) The laser in a CD player (which reads reflective grooves on the CD surface) has a wavelength of 780 nanometers. What is the energy of a single photon from this CD player in Joules? a) 1.7.10-50 b) 1.7.10-45 c) 2.6.10-26 d) 2.6.10-19 e) none of these Chem 202 Fall 2008 TA: Name: e: Hour Exam I 10TA:08 Section: Section: Hour Exam I 10-08 PAGE 2 b * * * a) b) c) b e) * b d) * * b b * c) b * b e) TA: Section: Hour Exam I 10-08 PAGE 3 "22)" Written problem Only answers in the boxes will be counted for The molecule NO (nitric oxide) is formed in the oxidation of nitrogen in car engines, and further oxidizes to higher nitric oxides (e.g. NO2), all of which are toxic atmospheric contaminants. a) fill the MO diagram in the box with the correct number of electrons for NO b) b) sketch one of the "b)" and the "b')" orbitals labeled in the box to the right in the box below: b it near the edge, * b b) b Name: PAGE 2 olecule. Which MO8) iCgrnsider oheingF1s(H) ecule.pz(FhiorbMO diestram crhoes ng 1s(H) and 2pz(F) orbitals best describes d a o am sh t w H + moland 2 W ) ch itals b ag des s ibwi the bonding? * Chem 202 Fall 2008 9) When a drum is hit near the edge, s lower because a wavefunctia)nThe h itchhisr leneer y ecauscita d avefunction with higher energy is excited o wit p hig e ow rg b is ex e e w s higher because a wavefunctb) n he tpitch re nodesribecauseda wavefunction with more nodes is excited io Twi h mo is highe s excit s lower because the drum behavTheipitchtwoower nsionalevthe drumf behadroglikeaaotm dimensional version of a hydrogen atom c) es l ke a is l dime becaus ersion o a hy ves en t wo s higher because the energy ad) Thetpd with higher biecausehhe rum gy assiociated rwith the motion of the drum head is higher ssocia eitch is the mot on of t te dener head s highe e) b and d oks green-yellow because iountain ns ew ye that aeen-yellow he violet itight. In Joudes, that absorbs all the violet light. In Joules, 10) M t contai D a dlooks gr bsorbs all t because l contains a l ye spacing between the elroughly wnergis the elpacingebdyweenoss wlecth the absorbingvels of the dye across which the absorbing ectronic e hat y lev s s of th et e acr the e hic ronic energy le electron hops? b) 5.10-19 a) 5.10-50 c 0.001 b) d)10-19 8 5. 2.101 c) 0) 1.1048 e.001 d) 2.1018 c) a) b) ) d c) ) none of these is e even close d) b') b') Note: the actual MOs are distorted from the Note: the actual MOs are distorted from the atomic shapes much more, but this type of atomic shapes much more, but this type of sketch is acceptable as an answer on the sketch is acceptable as an answer on the hour exam. hour exam. e) 1.1048 ules ar not like perfec11)oReal the inalls are somewhatlike fp" rbecause the the ctralls aransomewhat "soft" because the electrons can t b xes; cha w molecules ar not "so te fect boxes; ele w ons c e lei by 0.5-1 Å. Which of tovefollowingnproperly 0.5-1dÅ.cribhich e ptotenollowing y roperly best describes the potential energy and m he past the uclei by best es W es thof he f tial energ p and ch a box? (The perfect energy delvelsls are shown dott(ed foperfecence.)and levels are shown dotted for reference.) box an l eve of such a box? The r refert box b) b) c) Is liquid NO paramagnetic or diamagnetic? Paramagnetic - one unpairedgneticonone unpaired electron Parama electr - e) none of these is even close lowing statement(s) ar12)orrect: of the following statement(s) are correct: e c Which exclusion principle applies ona) To elPctrons, not to pprinciple applies only to electrons, not to protons. ly t he eauli exclusion rotons. ons cannot be in the same quantTwostate, with cannot nte m nhe sbers tquantum state, with all quantum numbers the same b) um electrons all qua b u in t um ame he same nberg principle states that quac)tum pHreisenberg upinciple lstatesrohat " of area particles occupy an "elbow room" of area n The a t cles occ pry an "e bow t omquantum Pauli principle states that these "elbnd theoPaulicprincipleerlap that these "elbow rooms" cannot overlap h, a ow ro ms" annot ov states d) b and c e) a,b and c Note: this word problem is about 1/2 the length of the one on the midterm; also, the midterm has 22 multiple choice questions, not 12, covering the same range from easy to difficult. ...
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