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LCC Classes and Registration LCC is a community college which was created by five school districts to provide training to their graduates. It offers many vocational programs, transfer programs, and continuing education courses. It also is the only two year school recognized by the Michigan Board of Accountancy to offer all courses required for CPAs. There are three main campuses in the Lansing area. Courses are also taught through out the five school districts at high schools in the evenings. The college attempts to schedule a variety of courses at each location. Some courses need specialized classrooms, for example fire safety, and can only be taught on the campus with those classrooms. Each course is identified by subject code and number: Principles of Accounting is ACCG 210. Each section of a course is identified by a course registration number (CRN), for example my Monday Wednesday ACCG 210 class is section 50060. LCC utilizes numerous part time faculty who bring practical experience to the classroom
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2011 for the course ACC 321 taught by Professor Dunn during the Spring '11 term at Michigan State University.

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LCC_Classes_and_Registration_Narrative_s - LCC Classes and...

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