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Brian’s Gemini Music Brian’s Gemini Music (BGM) offers music and entertainment services for a wide variety of occasions, like weddings, company parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, class reunions, etc. BGM always supplies one or more disk jockeys (DJs) who play recorded music and emcee the entertainment. The people who provide DJ service and other entertainment are called players, and BGM hires them on a job-by-job basis. BGM’s own employees do the job arranging, booking of reservations, cash handling, and advertising booking, and these people are called agents. Both players and agents are identified by social-security-number (SSAN). Each job that BGM books may have multiple players. Most jobs have a booked reservation, but there are some that are done on the fly. Reservations correspond to just one job and to just one job type. When an agent books a reservation, he or she notes the single job type and then makes decisions about other types. Job types have recommended equipment types and recommended player types. Therefore, when agents realize that they are booking a reservation for a job of a certain type, they can use the database to see what its needs could be (in terms of equipment, and players) and then negotiate those with the customer. All reservations note the planned set of equipment types and the planned set of player types (as determined by the customer-agent dialogue). Recommended sets of players and equipment may not correspond to the planned set because of customer wishes and desires. The actual jobs note the actual equipment used and the actual set of players engaged and their roles. All specific instances of equipment are identified by a combination of equipment-type and
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Brian_s_Gemini_Music - Brians Gemini Music Brians Gemini...

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