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TAKE HOME QUIZ #2 FALL 2008 ALASKAN AIRCRAFT EXPEDITIONS (AAE) Introduction At the Northeast corner of Alaska's Inner Passage sits the city of Skagway, an old gold- rush boom-town whose once bustling population has been reduced to a wintertime size of less than 1,000. About the only time Skagway becomes bustling these days is when a big cruise ship works its way up from Seattle or Vancouver during the summer to deposit thousands of tourists in town with lots of money and time to burn. These tourists want to be taken quickly and comfortably to see many of Alaska's famous natural wonders - such as its mountains, glaciers, rivers, islands, and various types of wildlife (bears, seals, whales, elk, etc.). The demand for tourist services in this regard has been growing gradually throughout the last 30 years with no let-up in sight. To meet this growing demand, Alex Mostyn, a native Alaskan and UD graduate, has founded an aircraft expedition company called AAE (Alaskan Aircraft Expeditions). AAE is doing well and Alex is interested in having a world-class AIS. He asks you for help! The interview with Alex below describes the business events that need to be captured by the AIS. Interview with Alex Q. Alex, could you tell us a little more about your aircraft. Do you buy them or do you lease them? A. AAE acquires its aircraft through leases that last 1-3 years. When a lease expires, management decides which of the multiple aircraft on the lease are still desirable and negotiates a new lease for them (usually at much lower per-plane rates of course since the planes are much older). Aircraft are identified by engine#, and they are not inserted into the database until they have been leased for the first time. At least one aircraft is recorded for each lease. AAE aircraft are grouped by aircraft type, and the company uses 15-17 different types, each of which has a unique name. Individual aircraft (AAE usually
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