~2002 July change the Qs numbers

~2002 July change the Qs numbers - July2002PLAB Theme 1...

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July-2002 PLAB Theme - 1 : Dysphagia : DX A. Hysteria B. Globus hystericus C. Achalasia Cardia D. CA Esophagus E. CA Pharynx F. Peptic Stricture G. Malignant Stricture H. Corrosives I. Bolus impaction J. GERD K. Pill Stricture L. Barrett’s Oesophagus 1. An elderly lady complaints of retrosternal burning , especially at night which is aggravated by drinking and on further questioning says that she might have feeling of food sticking in her throat. There is no H/O regurgitation of food. 2. A 70-yr-old man with weight loss has difficulty in swallowing both solids and liquids. 3. A 55-yr-old man has a problem in initiating the swallowing. After the food is taken in, there is no problem in rest of the swallowing. 4. A 22-yr-old girl gives history of difficulty swallowing liquids. On second thoughts she says that she might as well be having difficulty with swallowing of solids lately. Theme - 2 : Pediatric ent : Referral For Speech Therapy A. Hearing tests B. Speech therapy C. Referral to Social Services D. Reassurance E. Referral for surgical opinion F. Referral to Child Psychiatry G. Milestone Assessment 1. A mother brings her 1 ½ yr-old and says he has 10 word memory yet cannot form sentences. 2. A mother brings her 2-yr-old son who does not speak, nor moves while sitting, does not play with his siblings and does not demand feed. 3. A 4-yr-old has nasal speech and has disturbed sleep at night. He has daytime lethargy. 4. A child been developing well, but now has decreased hearing. Motor function is normal. There is no family history of deafness. Theme - 3 : Pediatric Analgesia for Earache A. Ampicillin (oral) B. Ampicillin ( IV ) C. Ceftrixone D. Cefotaxime ( IV ) E. Paracetamol F. Opiods G. Gentamicin 1. A 10 yr-old boy complaints of the ear pain after rugby match. There is inflamed, hyperemic pinna and the ear drum is normal. 2. A 5 yr-old child with ear pain and discharge. The tympanic membrane is normal. 3. A 6 yr-old boy has fever child and bulging tympanic membrane. 4. A 4 month-old girl presents with acute febrile illness. She has inflamed tympanic membrane.
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July-2002 PLAB Theme - 4: Skin Rash in Children : DX A. Meningitis B. HS purpura C. Pityriasis Rosacea D. Erythema Infectiosum E. Measles F. Rubella G. Varicella 1. Parents bring their child with a skin rash which according to them is “glass test“ negative. 2. A mother brings her son with diarrhoea and non-blanching rash. 3. A mother brings her son who has suffered fever followed by a rash on day third. Theme - 5: Breast : Investigations A. FNAC B. Stereotactic biopsy C. Mammography D. Computed assisted mammography E. Ductography F. Culture of Discharge G. Ultrasonography H. Genetic testing and counselling. 1.
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~2002 July change the Qs numbers - July2002PLAB Theme 1...

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