2001 May - PaperMay2001 Theme-1: diagnosis of...

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Paper May-2001 Theme-1: diagnosis of non-accidental injury A Accidental injury B Emotional abuse C Physical abuse A Sexual abuse D Child neglect E Osteogenesis imperfecta F ITP G Normally present in a child. 1. A 4 day old girl is brought to casualty by the maternal grandparent who is worried about two dark bluish patches on the child's buttocks. the Child's mother is white and the father is black. 2. An 8 year old girl is noted to have fresh bloody staining of her pants. She also suffers from eneuresis. she has recently started horse-riding lessons Theme-2: treatment of visual impairment A) Intra-oocular steroids B) Intravenous steroids C) Oral steroids D) Laser treatment E) No treatment required 1. A 73 year old complains of a severe right sided headache associated with an acute loss of right sided vision. Urgent treatment is needed to prevent left sided vision loss 2. A 75 year old has difficulty watching television complaining of a peripheral constriction of vision. On examination there is cupping of both optical discs 3. A 50 year old with a history of SLE complains of loss of vision. On examination he is found to have multiple opacities in the lens of his eyes 4. A diabetic on oral hypoglycemics complains of sudden deterioration in vision of his right eye. On examination he is found to have bilateral proliferative retinopathy with retinal hemorrhage on the right side 5. An 80 year old has markedly decreased visual acuity. On fundoscopy she is found to have bilateral macular pigmentation 1
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Paper May-2001 Theme-3: The treatment of septicemia A) Percutaneous drainage B) Ventilatory support C) Stent D) Acyclovir E) Open surgical debridement F) Resection of superficial tissue with wide margin G) 4. A middle aged man with acute pancreatitis develops hypotension. On CT he is found to have peripancreatic fluid and a lack of enhancement of the pancreatic tail 5. following a perforated bowel a middle aged man develops severe shock and septicemia as well as a central dark discoloration on his abdomen which is growing larger Theme-4 the diagnosis of neurological complaints A) 24-hr Holter monitor B) EEG C) Glucose D) Random glucose E) CT-scan F) MRI G) lateral cervical spine radiograph H) Chest x ray I) ESR 1. A 16 year old girl suddenly collapses after standing for a while. Her limbs are flaccid and she is not incontinent. Following 30 seconds she recovers fully 2. An 82 year old has 5 episodes of loss of consciousness with no convulsions 3. 4. A 50 year old male wakes up with a tingling and numbness in his right hand. this is accompanies by slurring of speech which recovers following about four hours Theme-5 complications and associations of blood dyscrasias A) Splenomegaly B) Hepatomegaly C) Generalized lymphadenopathy D) Gingival hypertrophy E) Macroglossia F) Meningitis G) Petechial rash H) Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage I) Intracerebral hemorrhage 1. A 51 year old is lethargic and found to be anemic. his blood picture is found to have a granulocytic tendency with an
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2001 May - PaperMay2001 Theme-1: diagnosis of...

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